Aluminium fascias and Parapet Pieces

by Nick Hobbs on May 18, 2017

We have been supplying powder coated aluminium fascias, parapet capping pieces and various trims for an ongoing development in Hackney, London.

The project comprises an eleven storey residential propery with penthouse appartments.  The fascias required a heavy duty film to be applied to them post powder coating to protect the paint from other construction works whilst the fascias were in place on the building.  As the scaffolding was taken down the protective film was removed leaving an unblemished paint surface.

The building is due for completion summer 2017.

Nick HobbsAluminium fascias and Parapet Pieces

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  • Liam pears - September 11, 2023 reply

    Hello we are looking for some parapet flashings for an extension in the anthracite colour we have the ral colour, we have three sides, so will need two external corners and we have two abutments to the house, two sides are approx 3.9 and the other is 4.3. The profile will need to be welted both sides and approx 50mm down stand on the inside measurement across the top approx 190mm then the down stand on the outside 100mm hope this makes sense but just need to see if it’s something you can provide many thanks Liam pears

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