Storm damage and Roof Repairs

British Weather and Storms: SEFAB’s Essential Role in Roof Repairs

by Louise Fenn on February 22, 2024

Those of us living in Britain are well-acquainted with the unpredictable weather patterns, often characterised by heavy rain, strong winds, and occasional storms. This can lead to need for roof repairs.

Whilst the changeable weather conditions contributes to the charm of the British landscape, they can also wreak havoc on commercial and residential properties, particularly roofs.

From damaged roofs to leaking gutters, the aftermath of a storm can be daunting for premises and home owners alike.

At South East Fabricators Ltd (SEFAB), we understand the challenges posed by British weather and its aftermath.

As a family-owned business specialising in the manufacture of metal flashings, gutters and trims for the roofing and cladding industry, we can help you with roof repairs, fixing damage and replacing old roofing products.

In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of SEFAB’s products in repairing storm-damaged roofs and safeguarding properties against future weather events.

The Impact of British Weather on Roofs


British weather is notoriously unpredictable, with storms and heavy rainfall occurring throughout the year. Most roofs are designed to withstand typical weather conditions. However, prolonged exposure to rain, wind, and debris can lead to various forms of damage, including:

  • Leaking Roofs: Persistent rainfall and high winds can penetrate through the joins of roofing materials and flashings, causing leaks that can compromise the structural integrity of buildings and potentially lead to water damage indoors.


  • Loose, Damaged or Missing Flashings: High winds during storms can loosen or dislodge poorly fixed flashings. This leaves the underlying structure vulnerable to further damage.


  • Gutter Clogging: Fallen leaves, branches, and debris can accumulate in gutters and downpipes, obstructing the flow of water and increasing the risk of water overflow and roof leakage.

SEFAB: Your Partner in Roof Repairs


In the aftermath of a storm, prompt repairs are essential to prevent further damage and protect the integrity of your property and any products inside.

SEFAB can help you replace any damaged profiles quickly and protect your building in the long term. Let’s take a closer look at how our products address common issues caused by British weather:

  • Flashings & Trims: We manufacture all our flashings to order so they can be tailored to meet your requirements. Subject to our workload at the time, we are able to manufacture the flashings on a quick turnaround. This means you can repair and weatherproof your building quickly, protecting the contents being stored.


  • Gutters and Rainwater Goods: SEFAB offers a bespoke gutter fabrication solution for your commercial, agricultural or domestic building. Whether you need trimline or box gutters, in aluminium, galvanised or pre-finished steel, with either joggle jointed or butt strapped joins, we can manufacture to your requirements. We also fabricate in house the downpipes, swan necks, downpipe shoes and brackets to complete the rainwater goods system.


  • Flat Sheets: With over 100 tons of flat sheets in stock, SEFAB ensures immediate access to the material to manufacture the flashings and gutters. This means you can receive your products quickly to carry out your repairs. We stock flat sheets in a wide variety of finishes, including pre-finished steel, aluminium (mill finish and pre-painted) galvanised mild steel and stainless steel.


  • Hand-Pressed Sheets: Do you need to replace a small number of profiled sheets? Is the profile no longer produced? We can help.  We can hand press your required profile in our machines to match your existing sheets.


  • Powder Coating: Need to match a specific RAL colour? We can manufacture your products in aluminium, steel or galvanised steel. These can then be powder coated to a specific RAL number and gloss level. Powder coating helps to pro-long the life of your products and also provides aesthetically pleasing features for your building.

Preparing for Future Storms

While immediate repairs are crucial after a storm, proactive measures can help mitigate the impact of future weather events on your building. SEFAB recommends the following strategies to protect your property:

  • Regular Roof Inspections: Schedule routine inspections to identify and address any signs of damage or wear. Early intervention can help prevent major issues in the future.


  • Clearing Debris: Keep gutters, drains, and roof surfaces free from debris. This will help to prevent water buildup and minimise the risk of leaks and blockages.


  • Upgrading Roof Materials: Consider investing in high-quality roofing materials that offer enhanced durability and weather resistance. This will reduce the likelihood of storm-related damage.


We all know that the British weather can be unpredictable. SEFAB can help you to replace any damaged flashings, gutters and sheets. This can help protect your investment in the long term.

Our products can withstand the toughest weather conditions. From flashings and trims to bespoke gutters and flat sheets we offer the most durable materials. Ensure the long-term integrity of your roof with SEFAB roofing products.

Don’t wait until the next storm hits – contact SEFAB today to help protect your property against the great British weather.

For enquiries or assistance with your roofing needs, please contact us at 📞 01342 337200 📧


Louise FennBritish Weather and Storms: SEFAB’s Essential Role in Roof Repairs

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